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Welcome to my imagination
In 1997, I felt like the propellor on the right, rusting on the beach after a working lifetime at sea. Then I remembered how I kept myself sane in the latter years of a 24/7 career in the offshore oil industry, retreating into the world of my imagination for an hour each day and writing fiction. I accummulated a fair body of writing in the process, but I didn't know if any of it was publishable and there was only one way I'd find out.
Fourteen years later, I've won two national writing competitions, published twenty stories as Amy Gallow and four as David Andrews, survived  a heart attack on a remote golf course and the failure of three publishers taking a number of my books with them 
The covers of my surviving books are in the flash presentation on the right and you can read about them on their individual pages. (See the navigation bar below) They have strong romantic themes, but their details are taken from a life lived close to the cutting edge. The reviewers like them and it seems I'm building a fan base as well.
I hope you'll join me as I push deeper into my imagination, but the sun is setting and we must hurry...

What's Happening Now?
Edits are complete for "Home is the Sailor", an action/adventure tale set in the brief peace that followed the signing of the Treaty of Amiens in 1802
Eternal Press have accepted "Timor Phoenix" an action adventure novel  concerning the operation of a FPSO in the Timor Sea in 1999.
There are no release details for either book nor any cover art yet.
Start Media have acquired Whiskey Creek Press and I have submitted an action/adventure story to them to see what happens.